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Post  carjack1 on Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:59 am

Hi im new to this forum and noticed the great mixes you have and WOW what a collection of great tunes. Just 1 question from me... Is there anyway I could download the full collection at once in 1 big rar file to bring me upto speed then i can download the new ones as they come on.
maybe its just me being lazy but would be loads easier...



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Mixes to date Empty Re: Mixes to date

Post  BenInTheMix on Sun Apr 27, 2008 6:23 am

Yes, the only way to download them all in one go is to go to this link rapidshare.com 5HRL4Z where all the Rapidshare links to my mixes are all in one place. I haven't uploaded every mix yet tho, so it still won't be my complete collection.

You will need a Rapidshare account and a download manager such as FlashGet. I'd recommend the Classic version from this link: http://www.flashget.com/en/download.htm?uid=undefined

If you don't have a Rapidshare account then you can get one in the following link (they are dirt cheap and if you look on the net, and in Warez forums, you can find Rapidshare links for just about anything, which is very useful Wink ) rapidshare.com/premium.html If you are not interested in downloading anything other than my mixes then they offer a 48 hour account for 4.5 euros which will be enough to get them all.

Rapidshare is just a file hosting service. It is not affiliated with piracy or this forum (which is also not about piracy - so you will only ever see links to my mixes on here and not anything else). Because I have a Rapidshare account they will never delete my mixes from their servers which is why I use them.

To configure Rapidshare with FlashGet (or any other download manager you may use) open FlashGet (or your prefered downloader) and click 'Tools' then 'Options' then the 'Site Manager' tab then enter http://rapidshare.com as the host and then enter your Rapidshare username and password. You just need to do this once and anytime you download anything from Rapidshare links with FlashGet it'll log in automatically for you.

Once that is set up all you need to do is go to my Rapidshare page I gave above: rapidshare.com 5HRL4Z and right click somewhere and click 'Download all by FlashGet' then select just the rar files, press OK, then select a folder to save to and it'll begin downloading them all for you.

Let me know if you need any more help. Very Happy


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Explanation of the cue file: All of my mixes come as one 80minute mp3 and a cue file. This is to avoid jumps/gaps between songs when listening. The cue file when used with a free cue splitter app such as http://www.medieval.it/content/view/28 will convert the mix into individual mp3s or can be used to burn the mix to CD with track markers to be able to easily flick between songs like any normal music cd.

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