Ben In The Mix 34 - The Journey (6th November 2002)

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Ben In The Mix 34 - The Journey (6th November 2002)

Post  BenInTheMix on Mon Oct 01, 2007 3:31 am

*This is still one of my favourite mixes of all time!* presents:
Ben In The Mix 34 - The Journey (6th November 2002) Very Happy

01. Deep Dish - Stranded (6m44s)
02. Masters At Work - Backfired (7m17s)
03. Mekon - Please Stay ///röyksopp remix (6m15s)
04. Eddie Amador - House Music (6m31s)
05. Master H - Magic K (6m22s)
06. Blaze - My Beat ///derick carter's disco circus mix (5m06s)
07. Shakedown - At Night ///kid crème club mix (4m28s)
08. Freaks - Washing Machine ///dj sneak's supa-clean mix (5m26s)
09. Mutiny - Secrets (5m31s)
10. Mutiny - The Virus (4m57s)
11. Roland Clark - I Get Deep ///shelter mix (7m25s)
12. Goodfellas - Soul Heaven (7m16s)
13. Envoy - Sex Drive ///lo sexdrive mix (5m20s)

Download link: Ben_In_The_Mix_34_-_The_Journey__6th_November_2002___320kbps_.rar

Enjoy...and don't forget to leave feedback... Wink

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Explanation of the cue file: All of my mixes come as one 80minute mp3 and a cue file. This is to avoid jumps/gaps between songs when listening. The cue file when used with a free cue splitter app such as will convert the mix into individual mp3s or can be used to burn the mix to CD with track markers to be able to easily flick between songs like any normal music cd.

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